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Navigation and Hill Skills

Develop your confidence and expertise to safely enjoy walking in the hills and mountains of the Uk

Intermediate Hill Skills Training Day - 6th March 2019

Elan Valley, Mid Wales

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Intermediate Hill Skills Training


Meet at our office in Rhayader LD6 5ER at 9am.  The course will then continue in the Elan Valley and finish by 5pm.

The course is designed to increase the skills and confidence of individuals with some experience of hillwalking.  We'll commence with a recap of navigation basics (scale, distance, grid references etc) and then move on to learn and apply skills such as pacing, timing, walking on compass bearings, interpretation of contour features etc.  There will also be a focus on safety in the hills, what to carry in your rucksack and what to do in an emergency.


Hill Skills Courses

With our Hill Skills courses you can choose from Basic, Intermediate or Advanced levels.  These are courses designed to boost your confidence and help you push your boundaries.  We'll provide you with the skills to walk safely in Britain’s countryside and mountainous areas and give you plenty of opportunites to practise the skills.

Our courses are delivered in a relaxed and informal fashion with the focus being on practical learning in the outdoors. You will also get to experience some stunning Welsh countryside.  With training provided at three different levels – basic, intermediate and advanced – there is a course to suit everyone’s needs.

Feel free to get in touch and discuss which course would suit you best.

Our Hill Skills courses normally run in the hills of mid-Wales but suitable alternative venues can be arranged in other parts of the country if requested.

Basic Hill Skills

This one day course is suitable for those new to hill walking, or who have always relied on someone else to take the lead. You will learn how to interpret maps including symbols, contour lines, grid references and scales, then discover how to relate the map to the landscape and walk a planned route.

You will also look at what clothing and equipment you might need and what to do in case of an emergency.

1-day course only £60 per person (min booking 4 people)

Intermediate Hill Skills

Intermediate skills training can be enjoyed in a one-day, or more comprehensive two-day course. It is aimed at those who already have some hill walking experience and a basic ability to navigate with maps.

This course will build on those foundations and take you to some more demanding terrain. Amongst other things you will look at the use of the compass, detailed map interpretation (including navigating by contour features) and estimating distance travelled. The two day course also introduces route planning and risk assessment.

1-day course only £60 per person and 2-day course only £120 per person (min booking 4 people)

Advanced Hill Skills

The Advanced course is aimed at the experienced mountain walker who wants to fine tune their skills or is perhaps preparing to take a Mountain Leader Award or other qualification. Courses normally last three days but can be longer or shorter as required.

The syllabus will cover many aspects including micro-navigation, movement on steep ground, group management and leadership, route selection, route planning, and bad weather and night navigation.

3-day course only £180 per person (min booking 4 people)

 Before booking your place, please ensure you read our terms and conditions.

nb. All the above prices include VAT but do not include overnight accommodation.


“I attended an invaluable, well-structured, comprehensive, supportive and enjoyable Advanced Hill Skills course. This small-group course was tailored to meet my individual needs, namely to improve specific Mountain Leader skills prior to putting myself forward for assessment. After the course I was then able to pass my Mountain Leader Assessment with confidence.”

"The course was extremely well set up with lots of helpful learning activities."

“This is the best first aid course I have been on.  The teaching methods in combination with a comprehensive syllabus helped to achieve this.  Robin is a highly skilled trainer.  Thanks!”

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