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Bushcraft Skills - Training Courses

Enjoy an amazing outdoor experience and develop your range of bushcraft techniques.

Connect with the natural world as you build a fire, create shelters, carve wooden tools, forage for wild food, cook in the open and more, whilst enjoying the beautiful tranquility of mid Wales.

All our bushcraft training courses allow you the opportunity for hands-on experience with expert tuition and guidance. You can choose to attend open public courses as well as creating bespoke events for your group.

Enjoy our range of set courses or talk to us about devising your own:

Bushcraft in Wales.  Your bushcraft experience will be run from our beautiful venue at Nannerth Fawr set in 200 acres of stunning Welsh countryside on the banks of the River Wye near Rhayader. We have access to woodland, wetland, hedgerows, moorland, pasture and the river itself. We've been filming bushcraft here for BBC/S4C and Ray Mears has also been filming at our venue. It may also be possible to arrange for courses to be run at your group’s own venue (subject to suitability).   


Bushcraft or Survival?

At Learn Outdoors we feel there is a difference between bushcraft and survival and our training courses focus much more on the development of bushcraft skills.  Survival techniques are those employed in response to an emergency situation where you are looking to keep yourself out of harm, for a relatively short period of time, until you can find safety or are rescued.  You’ll be prioritising the likes of communication, shelter and water over long-term comfort, food and minimising environmental impact.

With bushcraft we are more concerned with how we can exist comfortably in the wild, on a longer term basis, with the basic equipment we are carrying whilst having a care for the natural environment.  You will have planned and wanted to be in a bushcraft situation and the skills you develop will make that experience pleasurable.

There are of course cross-over skills and you will learn techniques on our bushcraft courses which could be directly employed in a wilderness survival situation such as navigating using the sun or constructing a simple shelter.


“Really knowledgeable and helpful staff who gave really good safety briefings but who were incredibly flexible with the groups needs and interests.”

"The venue was superb.  I am honestly unsure how the course could have been improved.  Thank you."

"The instructor was very friendly and explained things in a way I could understand. Safety was always first.  Venue was excellent."

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